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A Message to Mankind from the transcendental World.
Published by Michael Agerskov

Toward the Light! - A Message to Mankind
The work that is hereby entrusted to humanity has come into being by means of intuition and inspiration through a female intermediary, my wife Johanne Elisabeth, née Malling-Hansen (...) The main purpose of this work is to enlighten human beings on their origin, God's relationship to them, and the struggle between Good and Evil, Light and Darkness; and also to impart the true teachings of Christ, freed from the inventions and distortions of the centuries. In this respect, it continues and concludes the work of the reformers of the Church.

(Excerpt from the publisher's preface, Copenhagen 1920)

Toward the Light!

  • Toward the Light is a work originally published in Copenhagen in 1920 that in a unique and previously unseen manner deals with subjects of an ethical, religious and scientific nature.
  • Toward the Light is a message of love to all mankind, irrespective of faith, race, or nationality, from the transcendental world.
  • Toward the Light is not the teachings of a sect nor for that matter does it represent any given system of belief.
  • Toward the Light clarifies mankind's relation to God.
  • Toward the Light, with logical coherency, explicates the purpose of our existence here on earth.
  • Toward the Light proclaims that all humanity, in the shape of an irrevocable gift from God, has received the gift of eternal life.
  • Toward the Light divulges the true teachings of Christ, free from centuries of distortion and misrepresentation.
  • Toward the Light explains unambiguously why life on Earth is plagued by so much evil, death and suffering while God is love itself.
  • Toward the Light proclaims that the individual, by way of reincarnation, must atone for past sins in future lives, and that God is always willing to yield the help that each and every individual is in need of.
  • Toward the Light provides answers to enigmatic questions that science has been struggling with for centuries - the structure of the universe, the emergence of life on Earth and the system of laws that regulates occult phenomena.

One of God's emissaries extracts the essence of Toward the Light's message thus:

...The road of our Father is built upon these truths: that at the dawn of time, God's fallen children created the visible human body; that God is the Father of the invisible human spirit; that each earthly life brings the human spirit one step forward toward the Light and toward the Fatherly Home; that human beings are accompanied by unseen guardians who are at all times ready to render their help and guidance, a help human beings perceive as an inner voice, which is the conscience; that human beings in prayer to their God and Father can achieve direct communion with Him, with His Thought and with His Will, and thereby receive all the help they need to harden their will in the struggle against Darkness and Sin; that each human being must atone for his or her evil and wicked thoughts and actions; that Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, has pledged himself to be the guide and leader of every human being until all its earthly lives have ended! Acknowledgment of these truths is the road to God.

Psalms 127:1

Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it

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